John Ousey (1799 -1875) was considered to be leading person in the establishment of the Audenshaw government board. He was the local registrar and was well known and respected in the area for his work to support the people of Audenshaw.

The memorial stone of John Ousey and his wife Jane had been moved to Redhall Chapel on Audenshaw Road when its original location was due to be flooded to create one of Audenshaw’s reservoirs. In 2007 Redhall Chapel had started to be demolished when Julie Fisher from the Audenshaw Local History Society got a call from the demolition crew who were not happy to put social history in the skip and sought advice.

John Ousey Marble

With hard hats, high vis jackets and careful balancing over broken floors joists, Julie Fisher and George Walker (one of the founding members of the local history group) were taken to view the John Ousey remembrance marble. It was taken down there and then by members of the demolition crew and carefully placed in Georges car where it was then transported to Mr and Mrs Walkers shed for the next 10 years until a more suitable home could be found.  Luckily for us the new home is within the entrance way of Ryecroft Hall. 

We are very pleased to report the unveiling of the ‘John Ousey’ marble installation at Ryecroft hall Audenshaw took place on Friday 24th March 2017.  Special thanks go to Sue Mitchell whose research was invaluable. Thanks must also go to Pamela Watkin and all the management committee volunteers at Ryecroft Hall who have helped to fund this project and make it all possible. Also, a special thank you to the local Councillors for their invaluable input and all the wonderful members, friends, family and continued volunteers of the Audenshaw Local History Society.